Manufacturing Day 2018

See how we celebrated modern manufacturing and its ability to enlighten and inspire the next generation of students and professionals.

Introduction to Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0

Chief Technical Officer of Alliedstrand

Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 are here today (although they are constantly evolving) and producing real value for manufacturers of all shapes and sizes. However, the technological landscape is confusing. This short event is intended to provide a measure of clarity to those trying to make sense of it all.

Manufacturing Fundamentals for Students and Makers

Chief Technical Officer of Alliedstrand

Moving from a rough, working prototype to a quality mass produced product can be extremely challenging. Production processes, agile engineering, testing, certifications, quality assurance, shipping, packaging and customer support must all be considered – and at times, considered concurrently. This event seeks to provide an overview of what you should look at on your physical product journey. Common mistakes and options will be presented in detail.